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A six month Journey of Life and death

At around 4pm on December 30th 2008, Keith Mumford was playing tennis at the Westwood Tennis Club and suffered a severe heart attack.  He was forty years old, weighed 165lbs, and was in excellent condition. As a lifelong tennis player and a former collegiate player for Vanderbilt University, Keith had a love affair with the game and played as often as he could. But this would be his last match.

After six months of hospital heroics including a heart transplant, he finally succumbed to sepsis and died June 28th, 2009. He was blessed with a loving wife (Emily) and four amazing kids (Annie, Mizzy, Sally and Henry), parents who adored him, an extended family of Keith fanatics, plus a battery of caring friends from all over the country who stuck with him through the entire journey. After ten years, we all still get together each year to celebrate his life and legacy with a weekend of tennis and fun. Come join us.